High Self Esteem with children


We would all like high-self-esteem for ourselves and to people we care about.
Most parents see education as part of their responsibility to encourage their children’s self-esteem. So many teachers want to do your best to strengthen the self-esteem of students.

If everyone wants high self-image, why so hard to get it? Why are some notable older people and children say they have low self-esteem than they want? … And why a large part of parents and teachers feel that despite the good will they fail to help children improve their self-confidence? … When a parent or teacher feels unable to help the child as Wanted- his damaged self-image. And again we have health issues – difficulty and complexity of self esteem.

The following article will explain what is’ self-image, how it was made, what affects him, what the actual implications of low self-esteem and higher. Later will recommend ways to strengthen the self-image. Of children, and adults indirectly.
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This article presents the educational experience and many years of clinical work with children, parents and the education system. I relied on the matter chapter numbers, listen to me a moment ‘(published by Brother, 2003) made use of psychological theories and educational exchanges. And of course I listened to myself as well, and dialogue that I run with my self-image, and others … hope that will be relevant to you readers. I recommend you take what suits you, you can contribute, and strengthen your safety personal …

Let’s start in the definition of ‘self’:
This’ self-image, how self ‘feel’ himself.
Self is not like any organ in the body, like the heart or lungs or liver, and can not see him nor X-rays or sophisticated scanner. You can define, S’hatzmi is the structure of the mind. Like having a skeleton on which to build a building. As the backbone, the body that holds the self is’ The skeleton of the soul, and her spine. In the language of computers could say that the self is like an endless Hard Disc, which includes all your knowledge about yourself. Your self is what you are.

In the ‘self’ has all the knowledge of the person on itself- how the body (tall, thin, and beautiful), its features (singing ability, creativity), strengths (Hbnoahot, helpfulness), weaknesses (a tendency to anger, and giving up when things get rough), passions and personal tendencies (love poetry, movies, sports). What a pleasant man (feel calmer) and what is not (feel nervous). What scares him (not to understand anything), everything feels inside (joy, sadness, jealousy, hatred). His views (political, social, personal), which prefer (the company of some people), and what does not (and critical upsetting people).

‘Myself’ has all the ‘operating software of the person. Unique ways through which he achieves the Mtnoaho, his strategies, his personal style that is running Aoto.lmsl, his ways to influence others (peacefully, or manipulation) has all the knowledge needed to address the issues (hold back, to get angry, to give up). Have my own emotional regulation skills. Self-soothing ability, to encourage myself.